CompassHD App for AndroidWear

Just barely a month after the announcement of Androidwear O.S for smartwatch,  we have seen tons of concept app ready to be unleashed for Androidwear O.S, there are already app in the making wanting to be the first app for smartwatch that runs Androidwear, and here comes one of the first one or perhaps the first Compass app for AndroidWear note the app is still in Beta, according to the developer there will still some improvements on the app as well as integrations.

Compass HD Androidwear

Simply called CompassHD for Androidwear according to the developer this is the first compass for app that supports Androidwear. Based on its description it is fast, simple and precise. You can track the Azimuth, Pitch and Roll.

Compass HD Androidwear 2

We hope to see more app utilities like this in the next few weeks or months, as Androidwear SDK improves we expect to see more app for Androidwear in months to come.


Fast , Easy and Precise – Azimuth, Pitch,  Roll

Azimuth: 0 >> North
Azimuth: 180 >> South

Best Result for Compass is when device be in flat state
Pitch: 0
Roll: 0

Developer: Geeks Empire


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