Crittercism Added Support for Androdwear

Crittercism the leading company in application in mobile performance management announced their support for Androidwear with its suite of app performance management solutions. According to the company the developers will now have the ability to closely monitor all the elements that affect the performance of apps on wearable and smart connected devices, enabling them to deliver next-generation apps for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Crittercism for Androidwear

Here are some of the benefits of integrating Crittercism technology on an Androiwear app

• Consolidated views of all app and wearable performance metrics – e.g., crashes, exceptions, performance of cloud services, and performance of Android Wear APIs.

• Proactive monitoring of Android Wear performance and connectivity issues.

• Crittercism’s Breadcrumb capability which enables faster troubleshooting with deep visibility into performance of Android Wear APIs.

“Managing the performance and user experience of these apps and devices will be critical to delivering high-performing apps for the IoT era. Our mission is to ensure that IoT apps are performing optimally and delivering a great end-user experience.” –Andrew Levy



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