CyberCritters – a Tamagochi game for your Android Wear

This app might be the coolest and best Tamagochi type of game for wearable specifically Android wear, introducing “Cybercritters” a cyber pet for your Android Wear device.

According to its developer-Nick Felker, users with Cybercritters on their watch will have a virtual pet to hatch, grow a baby critter starting from egg, just like the Tamagochi the development of your digital pet will depend on the way you take care of your pet, by feeding it, cleaning and interacting with it.

CyberCritters Tamagochi game

The pet will also going to force you to walk as the pet’s physical fitness will depend on how much you walk, if it’s not enough your digital pet will get sick.
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It has a $500 dollar goal that will be used to create high-quality, original art from a professional game designer. Once the app is finish it will be free for download in Google Play with In-app purchased for additional pets.

The app has a great concept if you would love this app to materialize you can support its development in its Kickstarter page


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