Dazzling Beauty Techniques — They’re All On The Internet

Great beauty is a gift from heaven, right? While some women are born with great looks, others must simply struggle along with run-of-the-mill features, and gratefully accept whatever it is they’ve been blessed with, right? Wrong! As any canny woman will tell you, beauty is a blessing but it can also be heightened and refined through the art of expert makeup application.

There’s nothing like artfully applied makeup to polish a woman’s natural beauty. Since the ancient Egyptians first began applying exotic eyeliner made from crushed minerals, women have known, beauty-wise, that high-quality makeup, expertly done, can make the difference between “attractive” and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Looking good shouldn’t just be left to chance! So where can we learn how to really heighten our beauty with makeup?

Fashion magazines are a great source of information for makeup application, and there are many books out by top makeup artists, with diagrams detailing techniques for outlining eyes, applying concealer, base makeup, powder, blush and more. Seeing an artist in action, however, is the key to really understanding the use of cosmetics, and how they can best work for you. Today, a quick visit to the Internet is all you really need to learn from the very best.

Some of today’s top makeup artists are using the Internet to show us how to look great. There are many clips available on Youtube.com, the free Internet site that features clips of everything from old movie trailers to home movies or hit songs. Just by calling up “makeup application,” you can easily find video clips featuring top makeup artists in action. The clips highlight many different techniques, from how to apply eyeliner, individual eyelashes, or glittery, evening style makeup. Some especially creative artists offer even more specialized application ideas, like how to create the look of a Tim Burton character, or how to create the exotic diva eye makeup style of Barbra Streisand, circa 1967. The fun of looking great is a click away — right on the Internet — from the very best makeup artists in the world!

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