Dot the first Braille Smartwatch

At last someone do have a heart and mind to create a technology to let our PWD friend experience technology and know the things that is happening to our world in real time.

Dot Braille Smartwatch

Introducing “Dot” the first Braille Smartwatch in the marketplace. A tech company many from South Korea was able to create a Smartwatch to allow PWD receive information right from their wrist, the watch has a refreshable display that displays a series of Braille characters.

It’s a pretty cool idea to help our PDW friends learn and access live information everyday. So if you have a member of your family that is PWD or a friend, this watch a great gift to give.

Ninety percent of blind people become blind after birth, and there’s nothing for them right now – they lose their access to information so suddenly,’ Eric Ju Yoon Kim, Dot’s co-founder and CEO

Here are some specifications of Dot Braille Smartwatch

Waterproof /water resistant strap

10 hours of battery life

Alarm, messenger, navigation

Unlimited Access to Ebooks

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