Dreaming HTC One M8 and Motorola 360

Wow this month we witnessed the two of the most good looking tech devices in recent tech history, two great devices that we were dreaming to have these in our arsenal as soon as possible, the HTC One M8 and Motorola 360, these two devices perhaps are the one of the best when it comes to aesthetic as well as its features.


Let’s start with the HTC One M8, this is the upgraded version of HTC One, it looks great a unibody design, a phone encase in a metal frame with a 5 inch HD screen, the HTC One dubbed the best looking smartphone, it looks great amazingly looks great.  It’s a premium design, meticulously planned and executed by HTC.

HTC One M8

The Motorola 360 is one smart idea, although its classic but its sexy, better than most of the smartwatches that is now in the market, the rounded looks don’t fail, until now it’s the most preferred designed by most for a watch, and Motorola nailed it, why designed a smartwatch that has the same look with the other companies, most of the smartwatches are in either rectangular or square form, Google bravely walk the other path, the result a great looking smartwatch sexy and beautiful.

These two devices are a great pair, it blends beautifully, and we are dreaming of it as soon as possible. What do you think?





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