EmoWatch app – Check your Emotion on you Apple Watch

Here is a unique Apple watch app, for your smartwatch. An Apple watch app that listens to its owners voice and tells it if what kind of emotional state is the owners in.

EmoWatch app Apple watch 2 EmoWatch app Apple watch

The Emowatch app judge the person’s energy levels through volume, speed of talking as well as pitch, and based on this stats, the AI of Emowatch will provide information and categorized you in different area, sorrowful, calm, angry or joyful. Its a unique app to have on your Apple watch, whether it has a bug purpose or not still its a fun app for Apple watch.


EmoWatch is a mental health app visualizing your mood from your voice. By using “Empath,” vocal emotion recognition sensor developed by Smartmedical Corp., the app enables you to check your daily mood easily.

As your mood data are accumulated, you can check the transition graph of your mood on your iPhone. The app is helpful for keeping a good mental wellbeing in various situations. For instance, you can check your motivation before a sports game or an interview.

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