Facebook Messenger Added Support for Android Wear

Facebook did not let all the fun goes to indie developers and other messengers when it comes to adding support for Android Wear, Facebook Messenger just added a support for it, letting the users have the option to see notifications and have a voice reply via Android Wear. It’s a handy feature for Android Wear especially for the users of Facebook, we are not thrilled with it, its ok but we hope its more than just notifications.

Facebook Messenger for Android Wear

Seems like Facebook really want to hook all users from different devices, recently it has received negative feedbacks on the new Facebook Messenger as it somewhat forces user to download the app, anyway the support for Android Wear will not allow them to win fans but still it’s a good try by the company to grab a piece of the market through Android Wear.

If you are interested in using this piece of technology, and want to send and receive Facebook messages you may want to download the latest app of Facebook Messenger on your wrist.

Facebook Messenger (Playboard) | Facebook Messenger (Play Store)


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