Facer for Android Wear – Watch Face Editor design your Own Watch Face

Watch Face editor is one of the most indemand app right now in Android Wear apps section, every users want to have their own unique watch face for their Android Wear device, if you are looking for one, I suggest Facer for Android Wear although it’s not free, the watch face designer do have a lot of features.

It support Analog and digital watch faces making it cool, plus compatible with LG G watch, Gear Live and even the round Moto360, I have seen a lot of watch faces designed by users , you can have your own design too, plus with in-app watch face store, the Facer for Android Wear seems like complicated at first but with its easy to use WYSIWYG making a new watch face is just a walk in the park, the watch face also features other parts of a watch it has Weather data, Time and date, Custom text, Custom images, Battery percent and temperature and more.

Facer for Android Wear (Playboard) | Facer for Android Wear (Play Store)

So far it is one of our most love watch face editor for Android Wear, and one of the most downloaded watch face editor in Android Wear despite that the app is not free. Check it out!

Name: Facer for Android Wear

Description: Facer is the ultimate in custom watchfaces for Android Wear. Facer allows you to fully customize your watchface. Unlike other apps you can create analogue or digital watchfaces! Facer is also fully compatible with images designed for WearFaces.

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