Find My Phone for Android Wear (Phone Finder App)

If you are always having a hard time looking for your phone, well no need to worry as we have an Android Wear app to help you find your phone easy, check it out “Find My Phone” for Android Wear, it allows you to find your phone through buzzing, vibration, or even turn on the flashlight (good for dark places). You can also set your own ringtone to play, to find your phone fast.

It’s a great solution to age old problem of forgetting where you place your phone, the “Find My Phone” is the solution. There are other apps like this in the Google Play but “Find My Phone” is one of the fully featured app in this category.

Find My Phone (Android Wear) (Playboard) | Find My Phone (Android Wear) (Play Store)



It’s time to say goodbye to forgetting or losing your phone. With brand new Android Wear app you will never forget your phone and quickly find it in one tap.

The main functionality available for free, but some alarm customization features available only in PRO version, that can be purchased in app (price is $0,99).

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