Find my Phone is now in Android Wear without the need of Third Party Apps

Google just announced the new addition to Android Device Manager, the new update for the device manager adds support for Android Wear.

What is this new support for Android Wear? Before you need to download a third party app, to be able for your watch to have the capability to find your phone, whether it’s free or paid apps, this feature has been very useful for those with Android wear watch and has been one of the most downloaded and most love app/feature for Android Wear.

Find your phone with Android Wear

Now this feature is available for Android Wear, and you don’t need to download third party apps for your Android wear to have the “Find my Phone “feature in your watch. Google should have added this functionality a month or two after the release of Android Wear, seems like to little to late, but still it is nice to see the Google keeps adding new features for Android Wear.

With this, is it possible that Google might add a WiFi feature for Android Wear? What do you think?





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