Find My Watch App – App to Help you Find your Lost Smartwatch

Here is a tool to find your lost smartwatch. “Find My Watch” an app for your smartphone to help you find your lost Android Wear watch.

According to the developer the app “Find My Watch” is able to help you locate your watch much faster by using the different feature embedded in your smartwatch. First the app find your watch by using its microphone with the combination of flashing the screen, You set the volume to high if you are having a hard time in looking for it. If still you can’t find it use vibrate and flashing screen, to locate it.

Find my Watch Android Wear app-2 Find my Watch Android Wear app-3

It think the developer created a great app for users, before it was just find my phone, and now Find My watch, a pretty neat combination for your Android Wear watch.


Find My Watch uses your watch’s microphone to transmit what the watch hears to your phone. Just start the app on your phone and call out to your watch! You’ll hear your voice on the phone, just keep calling out and walking around until you find it. This method is guaranteed to work every time.

In addition you can choose Flash and Vibrate, which will make your watch vibrate and flash the screen to help you locate it.



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  • Diana

    Defiantly a useful app in case you misplace or forget your smart watch somewhere.