Flash Light App for Gear 2 and Gear Fit

Looking for a flash light app for you Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo? Well here is a simple flash light from Hielko Ophoff not a literal LED flashlight but still it can provide you with enough light to see in the dark when you needed most. The flashlight is very simple to operate all you have to do is to tap to switch it on or tap to switch it off nothing complicated, yes the light is not enough to illuminate you whole surrounding but it’s a great tool in your Gear 2 arsenal especially if it’s an emergency and you needed a light right away.

flashlight for Gear 2

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Simple Flashlight for the Gear 2– Flashlight can help you when it is dark. The app creates a white screen with maximum brightness available. With one click on the screen, the flashlight disappears. Set your device to outdoor mode (increased brightness) when you need more light. Do this before starting Flashlight. Flashlight cannot set outdoor mode by itself, because Tizen doesn’t allow this.

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 Gear Fit Flash Light

Gear Fit Flashlight app

Here is another flashlight available for Gear Fit, the app will turn your Gear Fit to a flash light, unlike the other flash light app this one at least has three color option you can set it to red, yellow or white. Easy to use and its free for you to download in your Gear Fit device.


 Flashlight app for your Gear Fit! Turn your Gear Fit into a color flashlight.

To run flashlight open “Connected Applications” menu on Gear Fit and select “Gear Fit Flashlight” or use Gear Fit Flashlight app on phone.

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