Freebies! LG G Smartwatch to be Given in I/O Developers Conference 2014

Google I/O 2014 is just few weeks away… or shall we say just days away, this event is the most awaited conference this year, as we will see more updates on Google’s product especially those devices powered by Android, some of the rumored devices to be unveiled on the I/O Developers Conference 2014 are Google TV, Google Smart Home, the Android Silver and Google’s plan and future upgrades for its Android operating system.

Google IO developers conference Androidwear

But one of the most awaited event is the announcement and preview (hopefully) of the Google’s Androidwear, according to sources it is a sure fire that Google will demo a smartwatch powered by Androidwear, a Moto360 will be in the house as well as the LG G smarwatch.

LG G smartwatch design

Another possible good news for the fans of Androidwear is the rumor that Google might provide freebies for those who will attend the I/O Developers Conference, according to the report Google might give free LG G smartwatch for the attendees, Google might provide free developer device to promote the Androidwear to developers, and that’s is not all, it is also possible that other devices might provided to attendees such as smartphones and chromebooks and that is for free!.

Hopefully this is true as we are excited to hear more news about the Androidwear O.S!

See you at I/O Developers Conference!

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