Gear Fit App: Gear Fit Share – Send Text to your Gear Fit

Here is a simple but powerful app that does what it says, presenting the Gear Fit Share app for Gear Fit, the app do one simple thing but very useful for everyone who use it, the application allows you to send any text from your smartphone going to your Gear Fit. So far the app only supports horizontal orientation but I’m pretty sure there will be some new updates on the Gear Fit Share soon, see more details below about this great app.

Gear Fit Share App

How to use:
1. Highlight text in an application.
2. Click “Share” button in the action bar.
3. Select “Gear Fit Share”.
4. Open “Connected Applications” menu on Gear Fit.
5. Choose “Gear Fit Share”.
6. Swipe text to read.


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