Gear Fit Golf NAVI+ – Track your Golf Stats

If you love to play golf and see the stats of your performance, well here is a good Golf app for your Gear Fit, the app provides you with these load of information right on your Gear Fit band, status such as distance measurement, altitude measurement, and customized statistics, the app supports high resolution map well as web linked intelligent statistics service.

Golf Navi for Gear Fit

Provided to you by Phi Golf, the app aims to help golfers with the stats right on their wrist, it’s a handy app for avid golf players, the app works ok, it has a test period of 7 days and after that you have to subscribe to fully take advantage of its full features.

It’s a good app for Gear Fit, as a golfer it’s really very useful to see the stats of your performance, see where your strengths and where you are lacking, so check it out Gear Fit Golf NAVI+.

See Video Demo below of the Gear Fit Golf NAVI+

 See some of the major function below of the Gear Fit Golf NAVI+

 Major Functions and Strengths:

    • Provide altitude difference information for the first time in the world
    • Supports high resolution map
    • Supports two (left/right) green system Web-linked intelligent statistics service
    • Supports 60,000+ courses around the world
Gear Fit Golf NAVI+ (Playboard) | Gear Fit Golf NAVI+ (Play Store)


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