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Here is another Gear Fit app that is very useful, Gear Fit Launcher the app allows you to create shortcuts for your Android phone, create shortcuts of your apps and remotely launch it from your Gear Fit.

You can personalized the shortcuts and the app as well as the menu that you want to launch from your Gear Fit, you can then set the position of it on your Gear Fit, set the rotation, as well as the scroll direction whether it is in horizontal mode of vertical. It’s a good app for Gear Fit it’s like a tasker for Android Wear, the app is totally free, so no worries about installing it right away.


Launching app is far easier now making Gear Fit more useful, we hope the developer will add more functionality to the app, I will not bother to pay a few bucks for more features, but judging it as it is, it’s a pretty cool app for Gear Fit.

Gear Fit Launcher (Playboard) | Gear Fit Launcher (Play Store)


Gear Fit Launcher is a simple app that enables you to launch Android home screen shortcuts and applications remotely from your Gear Fit. To use it you need a Gear Fit watch and the Gear Fit Manager app by Samsung.



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