Gear Fit Quick Settings App – Change Settings Quickly

Well if you are having problems trying to configure your settings for Gear Fit, well here is an app that will help you do that, fast, easy and direct.

Gear Fit Quick Settings app by Do Minh Duc, it’s is easy to install and it just do the way it was describe, it’s a great app to be added to your Gear Fit arsenal of apps. See details below of Gear Fit Quick Settings App.

Gear Fit Quick Settings App


Gear Fit Quick Settings is an application for Samsung Gear Fit which allow you to quickly change some settings of mobile such as : Wifi, Sound Mode, Mobile Data, Sync.

It also has an extra function for Finding you Gear Fit which is not provided in Gear Fit Manager application.

This function only works when your Gear Fit is still connected to your mobile then it will flash screen and vibrate so you can more easily to find it.



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