Gear Fit RSS App –Get RSS Feed on your Gear Fit

Gear Fit RSS App –Get RSS Feed on your Gear Fit

Here is a simple app that will let your read any RSS feed directly to your Gear Fit, the application will just simply show you any updates on the RSS Feed.

The app according to the developer will work with any device running the Gear Fit manager. See details below on how to install the Gear Fit RSS feed on your device.

Gear Fit Apps

How to use:
1. Open “Gear Fit RSS” on your smartphone and add some RSS feeds.
2. Open “Connected Applications” menu on Gear Fit.
3. Select “Gear Fit RSS”.
4. You can open news details by double tap.
5. Swipe left/right to go to previous/next news.
6. Swipe up/down to go to previous/next RSS feed.

Samsung API does not support portrait orientation now.

If you know other apps for feeding an RSS to Gear Fit please pm us.


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