Gorgeous Minuum App QWERTY Keyboard on Moto360

So far this is the most gorgeous keyboard app for Moto360, ahead of Google I/O Developers Conference Minuum announced that they are developing a circular keyboard app for Moto360, the app is beautifully designed and aligned on the bottom making the QWERTY keyboard follow the circular design of the Moto360 on the edge, it looks so techie, and it’s safe to say right now that it’s the most beautiful keyboard yet on Androidwear.

Minuum App on MOTO360

According to the developer, Minuum the app will let you easily send messages by the QWERTY keyboard, that is if you are not into voice command on Google Now for Androidwear,

“As smart watches have evolved, one of the most appealing designs that we’ve seen is the round-faced Moto 360. As you may have come to realize from watching our sweet demo videos, Minuum is all about typing anywhere.”

So far the app received positive reviews from the fans of Minuum app, even us is excited to experience the Minuum app on Moto360, looks compact, and beautiful this app might be a game changer on the keyboard app for wearables.

What do you think of the keyboard? Are you interested? Feel free to comment.


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