How to Customize Apple Watch Faces Tutorial (Custom Watch Faces)

Finally someone was able to hack the Apple Watch and successfully creates a way to customize the Apple Watch Face.

When Apple Watch was introduced to the market, users who bought the watch complained the lack of option to customize the watch face of the Apple watch. Smartwatches like Tizen Samsung Gear 2 and Android Wear smartwatches,  they have the option to personalized their watch faces making it unique. Apple said that they will release an API to allow developers to create watch faces, but until now this somewhat far from reality.

Well this will not stop developers from finding a way to create their own watch face or hack Apple watch to allow them to add or modify the watch face on Apple watch.

Finally a developer hamzasood find a way to achieved this, shown on the video he was able to customized the watch face, he even shared the code and a bit of tutorial on how to customized your own watch face on Apple watch.

Note: according to him you need to install Carousel to load the dylib if you are interested go to GitHub and download the files

“Custom watch faces on Apple Watch.

To install you’ll need to get Carousel to load the dylib.

I’ve tried my best to comment most aspects of the code. Here’s a quick overview of some the more important files (check the files for more in depth comments):

* The list of supported faces are hardcoded, so SupportingHooks.m hooks methods Carousel uses to load the supported watch faces.

* OnozOmgFace is an NTKFace subclass which sets how aspects of the peace works (customisation in this case).

* OnozOmgFaceView is a UIView subclass which contains the visual elements that are actually displayed.”


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  • Mike Doe

    Found not find.

  • Leigh Ellis

    How is this classed as a tutorial, what is Carousel and how do we get/use it?