HTC First Smartwatch Rumored Specs and OS

First smartwatch of HTC will be coming soon and seems like it will disappoint Android Wear fans, according to sources HTC is not planning to load its smartwatch with Android Wear OS, instead it will opt to other type of operating system.

HTC One Wear

HTC’s smartwatch with the codename “HTC Petra” will be using an RTOS (Real Time Operating System) the decision to choose the RTOS instead of Android Wear, is that HTC is not really impressed with the one day life span of the battery using the Android Wear OS. Another reason is that HTC is planning to tap with iOS and Android consumers as well and want their watch to work with both OS, as Android Wear only supports the Android operating system so far.

The watch might be available in Q1 of 2015; it is also the launch date that is expected to happen for the United States, it is also expected to make an appearance in MWC 2015 that will be held in March.

Here are leaked specs of the HTC Smartwatch


DISPLAY: 1.8 Flexible Display

HARDWARE: ST Micro 32L151 Cortex-M3 chipset

Connectivity: Bluetooth and GPS

Battery Life: 3 days or more

, Features: IP57 certification for water and dust resistance, MIL-SPEC rating

Other Features: Notifications, Weather, Music control, Camera Shutter, Sleep Analysis, Sports Analysis, calendar features.


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