HTC One Wear might be the Androidwear Smartwatch by HTC

Hello Guys HTC is going to enter the wearable section, as according to sources they will release a smartwatch powered by Androidwear, the smartwatch is said to be release this coming September.

HTC One Wear

The smartwatch by HTC will be called HTC One Wear, well for the design it is somewhat similar to Moto360, a circular design and might be in to two flavors a smartwatch made in steel and the other one is in polycarbonate, no update on the price as well as the features, but we are pretty sure it will be a good one.

HTC is one of the manufacturers that create devices that beauty is the top priority beside from the hardware specs, their HTC One series phone is one of the best or perhaps the best looking smartphone in the market. And with the HTC One Wear we are very excited about the circular design, probably will look like Moto360 or much better, we know HTC they always produce beautiful looking device.

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