HTC One Wear – Released Date, Features

A report suggest that HTC will also unveil their own wearable powered by Android Wear, the device called HTC One Wear will be out in the market soon probably August or September but reports are saying that it might be August.

Remember that HTC also said that they are interested in releasing their own Android Wear wearable in the market competing with LG G and Samsung Gear Live, the HTC One Wear is not yet know whether it’s a round device just like Moto360 or a rectangular in shape much like the LG G and Gear Live.

HTC One Wear

If it’s rounded it is possible that the public will be forced to choose if they will go for Moto360 or HTC One Wear especially if the watch is somewhat similar to Moto360. Well for the price it is very possible that it will run $300 to $350 dollars and will be available in two editions.

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