Huawei will Launch an Android Wear Watch

Giant tech company Huawei is planning to join the Android Wear wearable tech with its Android Wear watch. According to the report, the smartwatch is expected to be unveiled this coming March 2015 in Barcelona Spain during the Mobile World Congress.

Huawei smartwatch

Several wearables will be unveiled, but one of the device will be certainly running the Android Wear operating system, if this is the case there will be a huge competition of Android Wear wearables this year. Plus the entry of Apple watch will bring much more challenges to tech companies and their Android Wear device.

 “One thing that is very important for us is to be different,” “For the wearables we are not trying to bring similar solutions.” – CMO, Shao Yang

Along with the Huawei Android Wear watch will be a new smartphone, tablet and other wearable products, that will be unveiled in MWC 2015 in Barcelona Spain.

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