Hypo-Allergenic Leather Watch Strap for Smartwatch

Smartwatches is the next big thing, Samsung, Google Apple, Microsoft and other huge tech companies already invested and presented their own version of smartwatches. With the release of smartwatches, so are the different designs and types of watch strap that supports these smartwatches.

But these third party watch strap did not go without a hitch, there are reports of users experiencing allergic reaction to these straps, as most of these products are not hypo-allergenic. Well we search the net for the best and hypo-allergenic watch straps and here are some of our compilations. Compatible with Pebble, Gear Live, LG G watch R, Moto360 and the latest ASUS Zenwatch.

SR Black Italian Calfskin Leather Padded Carbon Fibre Grain 

Here is a watch strap from SR, a tanned genuine Italian with embossed carbon fiber grain, the watch strap looks good on Moto360 and other bigger watch, and it has a hypo-allergenic Black PVD Stainless Steel Buckle Completes the Ensemble.

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Hadley-Roma Men’s MSM848RT – Black Genuine ‘Kevlar’ with Off-White Stitching Watch Strap

Hadley Roma, always on our list of best watch strap for smartwatches, here is a good one, a genuine Kevlar top material with lorica leather lining,  it looks good and with adjust fit with Stainless Steel Hypo-Allergenic Tang style buckle.

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Hadley-Roma Men’s MSM848RQ 220 22-mm Black Genuine ‘Kevlar’ with Red Stitching Watch Strap

Another Kevlar top material watch strap from Hadley Roma with Lorica leather lining, it has a fully turned edge construction and with a Stainless Steel Hypo-Allergenic Tang style buckle that is very easy to adjust.

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Tech Swiss LEA1555-22 leather calfskin brown watch band

Tech Swiss one of our favorite companies when it comes to watch strap, we love their unique design and leather watch straps, check out this 22mm panerai style watch band genuine leather brown with white stitching strap. It is a heavy buckle stainless steel finish buckle hypoallergenic and leather lining.

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Pilot Watch Band with Rivets Tan Color 22 millimeter Tech Swiss

This is genuine leather light brown with metal tabs white stitching mens Strap. The strap is smooth buffalo grain and slightly tapered cut with contrasting white stitching. With stainless steel matte finish buckle hypoallergenic and leather Lining. You don’t have to worry also about attaching the Pilot watch band because it comes with a

pair of stainless steel spring bars.


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