iOS app for Android Wear – Connect your iPhone to Android Wear watch

Well this might be a possible good news for iPhone fans, if they are planning to get an Android Wear watch.

This coming May there is a huge possibility that Google might release an iOS app that support Android wear devices. According to the report Google is preparing an iOS app for iPhone as well as iPad tthis app might be the tool to connect Apple devices to Android Wear watch, with this users can buy Android Wear devices such as Moto360, Gear Live and other smartwatches that run Android Wear instead of buying Apple watch.

Is not yet known if what are the features that will be included in the iOS app for Android Wear or when will be the release date of the app. But one major reason for the move maybe is the low number of Android Wear devices sold for the past months and of course the threat of Apple watch that will be unveiled in the next few months.

If the iOS app for Android Wear is true, the app might get a huge slice of for iPhone users who are planning to buy an Apple watch.

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