Is LG G Watch R going to be the Torn to Moto360 Success?

So far before the IFA 2014 the Moto360 is the sole round smartwatch for Android Wear, but LG did not let all the fame goes to Moto360 as LG also released its own version of a round watch, the LG G watch R.

The LG G Watch R according to reviews really looks good and looks like a traditional chronograph watch, plus it has some amazing features far more better than the LG G watch, well for the Moto360 yes it has some features that set it apart from other smartwatch one of the best feature is the Qi wireless charging capability. Other great cool features are the sleek and classic look, the heart rate monitor, dual microphones.

LG G Watch R Specifications

The Moto360 is already out in the market and users already have their hands on the Moto360 and here are their reviews so far, the Moto360 is beautiful in outside but ugly in the inside, this is based on the battery stats of the Moto360 based on their usage it only last a day of used compared to other smartwatches that at least it reaches 2 or 3 days. So far this might be the Achilles heel of the Moto360 and LG G watch R is there to take advantage of the weakness, so far we don’t know if how the LG G watch R will perform especially on its juice, once its out and if the reviews are positive it might be the torn to the success of Moto360.

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