iWatch Coming to Tech Stores Soon

There are a lot of rumors regarding Apple’s new device the smartwatch, although the tech industry are saying that Apple will certainly going to release one this year still no confirmation from the executives of Apple.

iWatch Smartwatch render

Based on tech news sites Apple are already in production of the iWatch (assuming that iWatch is the name) and the executive of Apple believe that they will sell millions of iWatch when it’s out. The new wearable device by Apple is said to have theadvanced SiP (system-in-a-package) modules making it compact and less bulky compared to the smartwatches that is being sold in the market today. Everyone is already excited it what will be the look of Apple’s entry in the wearable area, will it be a hit or a let down? What do you think?

Here are some rumors regarding the very elusive Apple smartwatch

  • It is a curved smartwatch, the OLED manufacturer is LG.
  • It will used the SiP technology to make the watch much more compact
  • The device will focus on health and fitness apps
  • Heart rate monitoring is also integrated with the smartwatch
  • It will run iOS 8 for its operating system
  • It includes several sensors that focuses on health
  • The device will work with all Apple products

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