iWatch to come with 10 Sensors and in Multiple Sizes

Here is another rumor regarding the very elusive smartwatch of Apple if there is really is a smartwatch, for several times several leaked information about the specs and features of the iWatch smartwatch hit the net but no images of Apple smartwatch leaked to the public.

Anyways here is another report about the long awaited smartwatch by Apple according to the report the smartwatch will come in different sizes meaning Apple will unveil different sizes of smartwatch the biggest rumors is the measurement of 2.5 inches, and this huge smartwatch will be packed with at least 10 sensors from pedometer, heart rate sensors to atmospheric pressure and altitude seems like too good to be true but with a 2.5 inch form factor it is very possible. The smartwatch will also have the Apples HealthKit, making the iWatch one of the most fitness and health focus smartwatch.

Apple iWatch

The rumored iWatch will start production next month just in time for the October released date, the rumors the rings a bell to the fans is the information that some sports celebrity has been seen dropping by to the office of Apple to enlist several professional athletes to test the said smartwatch. Seems like the only thing we can do right now is wait and see, as the rumored smartwatch remains to be a piece of wild imagination.

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