JawBone Adds Android Wear Support and other devices

Our favorite fitness band now becomes more universal with its added support for several platforms, the JawBone software dubbed as UP has incorporate health and fitness data from multiple devices including Android Wear.

This amazing fitness tracker also improve its battery life and now it can last up to 14 days with just a single charge, its software update also made it smarter it can track your sleep pattern, as we as user’s workout activity, food and drink consumption. Its new firmware can be downloaded from their website and check out the updater, other devices with support of the new firmware updates are Fitbit, Pebble smartwatch, Apple’s HealthKit.

Jawbone adds Android Wear

Aside from the above updates according to the company they will also ass an open device-connectivity framework for the new app, the new framework enables manufacturers to build products that communicate directly with the UP system via an open Bluetooth Smart® or WiFi protocol.

“The new UP app allows anyone with a compatible smartphone, Android Wear device, Pebble smartwatch, or any wearable connected to the Health app for iOS 8 – such as the Apple Watch– to instantly join the UP community”.- JawBone

If you want to get fit but don’t want a smartband or smartwatch that only last a day or two the JawBone fits the bill, as it keeps track of all of your fitness routine for a much longer time.


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