JUUK Watch Band – Make your Apple Watch Looks Classy

JUUK company, created some nice looking stainless steel watch band that will make your Apple watch looks more professional and classy.

According to the company their premium watch bands is comparable to quality Swiss watch band when it comes to quality and look. The company JUUK is offering at least 2 models in 3 different finishes.

JUUK apple watch band

Revo line a watch band with a simple and solid look and Locarno line the flagship model both are in three different finishes, brush, matte and polished. Both designs look good and have their own cool factor, it’s your preference will be the deciding factor in choosing the right one for you. It also has the double push button butterfly deployment buckles for easy lock.

The product is launching soon if you want to get ahead and want to have a classy looking watch band check out the JUUK campaign for a watch band at Indiegogo.


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