Expedia App Now on Gear 2

Expedia Gear 2 app is now available only for United States, users and fans of Expedia will have now the chance to have it for their Samsung Gear 2, if you want to download it you can check it out on Samsung Galaxy App Store.

Expedia Gear 2 app

According to Expedia you will have now some notifications on your wrist with such as gate changes when you are at the airport, landing countdown when you are in the air (which is really good I think). Reminders for hotel check out times, it will also buzz you a couple of hours in advance to tell you the confirmation number, departure status, and departure gate of your flight.

I think Expedia created a great app for travelers, whether it’s for business, vacation, you will have all the information about your flight details right on your Gear 2 smartwatch. It’s already available in mobile phones and other smartwatches and now it’s on Gear 2 making it cool and much more smarter.

For more information about the app you may visit http://viewfinder.expedia.com/features/expedia-mobile-app-on-samsung-gear-2


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