CARROT Weather Now Supports Apple Watch

I don’t know if this app is annoying or funny for you, but one thing is for sure it will change the way you look at the weather bulletin.


But now with its support for Apple watch it will certainly make your day, the CARROT weather app has a unique way of providing you weather stats, it will certainly make you laugh anytime you take a look at your watch, the app provides a 24 hours and 7 day forecast on your screen, but It’s not just weather stats that you will see, a humorous message is included in the weather stats, like


• Beautifully minimalist weather app
•’s super accurate weather data
• Short-term, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts
• Apple Watch app packed with personality & weather data
• Support for celsius and metric measurements
• Today view widget with current and extended forecast

Certainly it’s a unique weather app for Apple watch, and a pretty funny way of telling you the time.




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