Lenovo to Release its own smartwatch running Androidwear

Lenovo is planning to release its own smartwatch powered by Androidwear, this report surface several days ago, seems like several tech companies want to hop in the bandwagon, to join and have a slice of the pie of their own smartwatch.

Lenovo smartwatch

Remember that Lenovo bought a part of Motorola mobile division from Google, and with this it comes with thousands of patents and ideas, with this, will Lenovo going to create a smartwatch somewhat like a Moto360?

Anyways the smartwatch is expected to be the next big thing and it is expected that this year it will be a tough war for smartwatches as every company will try to release their own version of smartwatch. So far three companies are in the top spot for smartwatches, Sony, Pebble and Samsung with its Gear 2, with the addition of Androidwear O.S it is expected that the world of smartwatch is going to be crowded.

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