LG G Smartwatch Might be Unveiled on May 27, 2014

This might be the day that we have been waiting for May 27, 2014, LG sent out an invite for that date, hinting a new product will be introduce to the public, the launch will be simultaneously done in London, New York and San Francisco.

LG tag line for G3 smartphone

β€œTo be simple is to be Great” this is the line of LG for the unveiling of the product according to the report this might be for the LG G3 smartphone with amazing specifications said to be a killer specs dwarfing Galaxy S5 and iPhone even trashing HTC for its look.

Will it be a killer smartphone?

With QHD (2560 x 1440 or 2K) resolution display and 3 GB of RAM is a great specs but the question is will the battery last that long with a 2K display? Anyway another rumor on the May 27, 2014 is the possible unveiling or short preview of the LG smartwatch, it is very possible that on this day LG will give us a slight preview of the LG G smartwatch running AndroidWear. We hope that LG G smartwatch will be shown in May 27, 2014 along with the LG G3 smartwatch, crossfingers!.


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