LG G Smartwatch Specs, Features Revealed -36 Hours of Standby Time

LG G smartwatch is coming, the Androidwear powered smartwatch release date is getting close, with this, leaked information as well as photos of the LG G smartwatch is also popping up on the net. And now there is another new info about LG G smartwatch hit the net.

LG G smartwatch

Social account of upleaks leaked some new information regarding the LG G smartwatch ahead of the I/O Developers Conference, the new information is about LG G smartwatch specifications and features, based on the leaked specs of the smartwatch it will have a 4 GB storage just like the Gear 2 smartwatch, it will have a 1.65 inch TFT LCD display and will just weigh 61 grams, well for the battery it is 400mAh capacity that can provide 36 hours of standby time, it has AP CHip APQ8026, Bluetooth 4.0 with frequency range of up to 2400 MHz-2483 MHz.

Well for the sensors it will haveambient, touch, pedometer, and tilt, so far no news on whether it will have a heart rate monitor or not, so far based on the specs the downside is the 36 hours of standby time, what if it will be used full time, meaning the smartwatch might only last 24 hours or less?


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