LG G Teases us Again with a new video for its Smartwatch

LG still continues to tease the public with its short videos of LG G smartwatch, for several weeks LG releases several videos of its smartwatch showing some of its features as well as its specs.

LG G is one of the first smartwatch that is powered by Google’s Androidwear, so far the new video highlights its design, the waterproof feature, the slim design as well as its charging capability. We don’t know if when will be the release date of the smartwach sources says that it will be out on June or July, and the price might range from $250 dollars to $300.  Although tech analyst criticizes the look of the smartwatch saying its not trendy enough, but LG based on the video focuses on the sleek and timeless design making the smartwatch having a classic, simple look.

All we could do now is wait, but we think that this is not going to be the last video of LG as more is sure to come trying to lure fans with its LG G smartwatch.

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