LG G Watch R Going to Launch in Korea in October 14, 2014

The first rounded watch for Android Wear will debut on October 14, 2014, this is according to the press release by LG. The Android Wear wearable will be out next week and it will be the second Android Wear watch by LG. Other countries will soon follow, so far its debut in the U.S is, still in a shadow of doubt as the LG G Watch R still remains to be seen if it will have a success in its native country, the battle for smartwatch in the U.S, is tight as the Moto360 is preferred by some for its classy look.

LG G watch R

So far there is no pricing yet on the LG G Watch R, but according to the report it might cost around   $332 (KRW 352,000), the LG G watch cost only $250 dollars. So far no words from the tech giant LG but expect to see the LG G Watch R to cost more than the LG G. * ‘LG G watch R’ Specifications


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