LG G Watch R or Moto360 Take your Pick!

Seems like it’s really going to be a huge IFA 2014, just for the wearables alone we will see a lot of new devices, new designs, and now after a successful run of LG G on its smartwatch, LG just teased us with its new wearable.

The LG just showed a video of a circular watch, a full watch face for the LG new wearable according to the report it will be called LG G Watch R, the R stands for round. If LG can release the LG G Watch R in an early time it will be a huge competition for the Moto360 smartwatch, remember that Moto360 is the only watch so far to have a circular body, and now that LG is also in the spotlight, there is a huge possibility that Moto360’s market will be slash to a reasonable number.

LG G watch round watch

Well for Samsung its all just purely rumors so far no definite images or just a short information on whether they will release one too or not, so far LG entered the round watch arena and ready to take on the Moto360, with this did it change your mind in purchasing the Moto360 or not?


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