LG G Watch to release a version with SIM card?

Well seems like Samsung will not be the only company that will release a smartwatch with SIM card making the classic Dick Tracy technology a reality, a news update on the status of the LG G smartwatch the first smartwatch powered by Androidwear, according to the report the smartwatch will have its own SIM card slot allowing the users to used a SIM card, making calls, and text messages as well as other functionalities standalone, with this it will not rely on smartphone anymore.

LG G Smartwatch photo

We are not sure if this leaked information is true or not, but one thing is for sure LG will surely going to have its own version of smartwatch with a SIM capability. It will make its Androidwear much more powerful and will surely compete with Gear 2 Solo the smartwatch by Samsung powered by Tizen operating system that will be release this coming June.

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