LG W Watch the Next SmartWatch with Heart Rate Monitor

We all know that LG is going to release a smartwatch powered Androidwear this coming July (LG G smartwatch), but several months before LG introduce the LG G smartwatch in the market, LG registered the trademark LG W smartwatch in the U.S.

LG W smartwatch

Another smartwatch by LG probably powered by Androidwear or maybe Tizen  we don’t know still the smartwatch will be equipped with notification features, health monitoring and fitness functionality , but one thing is listed on the trademark is that it has a heart rate monitor  based on its description “Pulse measuring devices; Heartbeat measuring apparatus”.

We don’t know if when will be the release date of the LG W smartwatch is or if what are its additional features, no details even on what the watch will look like, maybe it will be like the LG G watch somewhat similar on its form factor. Anyway whether it’s Tizen or Androidwear powered smartwatch it’s a good news for the consumers as more options are available to them.


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