LG-W105S Smart bracelet– (Photos)

The LG-W105S is the long rumored SIM capable smartwatch by LG, this is said to be the answer to Samsung’s Gear Solo a USIM embedded smartwatch, but so far it’s all just rumor of specs that is being leaked to the public but no one knows if what will the LG –W105S will look like. Based on the photos and other information the LG-W105S is the LG smart bracelet for kids and not the smartwatch that everyone is hoping.

LG-W105L1 smartbracelet

Finally a leaked image (blueprint) of the LG W105S smartwatch surfaced on the net this confirms that the smartwatch/smartbracelet might be for kids, based on its label it is a USIM embedded smartwatch, so far it is very different from the LG G watch that is square in form factor this one is much more rhombus in style, a design fit for kids and not for mature users.

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