Looking For Love and Finding it on The Internet

You’re single again. Are you resigned to the situation? No way, no how. You’re going to give true love a go. You’re going to get yourself out there and meet someone new. This time, though, it’s going to be different. Why? It’ll be different because this time you’re going to use the Internet to find a great date.

What’s this Internet dating thing all about? Can truly love really be found on the web? While the rules of courtship keep changing, the facts of love never really change. You meet, greet, get to know someone, and maybe, just maybe fall in love. For the lucky ones, something sizzling and exciting takes place – that ineffable something we call “chemistry.” And if two people get really lucky, something magical, chemically intoxicating and long lasting occurs. It’s called true love, a long-term relationship, “the real deal.” Sure, it’s a roll of the dice. Such are the ways of love! But how do you get started? Where are the single people?

For more and more people, the Internet is the place to go to find that special someone. Since the first dating site launched in 1994, moving the dating scene out of the classified section and onto the web, business has boomed, with Internet dating quickly becoming a multi-million dollar business. The Internet is profoundly affecting the courtship dance by giving single people a much larger network of possible romantic connections and choices.

What’s out there? There are sites for people who only want to meet millionaires, sites for interracial dating, sites for professionals, sites for people with common interests, (like sports or the arts) sites for people with disabilities, and much more. People in different states and even different countries have found each other through the miracle of the web, sometimes sparking relationships that lead to love and marriage.

To be sure, true love blooms anywhere and everywhere, but the Internet has helped thousands of formerly single folks find that special someone, and discover true love — the “real deal.”

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