Meizu launch InWatch MX4 Edition Smartwatch

Meizu is set to unveil their latest smartwatch, the Meizu InWatch MX4 a smartwatch that looks like the Moto360, it looks good and far more simpler and thinner than the Moto360, the InWatch do have a classic look.

But guess what the Meizu MX4 wearable cost only $65 dollars, yes for just 65$ you will have a smartwatch, so far this is the lowest smartwatch in the market, but the question is will it packed with the same specs like the Moto360 or the LG G R watch? We don’t think so.Meizu InWatch MX4

The Meizu InWatch might just only have simple notifications and will not have other features like pedometer, heart rate monitor, ambient light sensor and other stuff that makes the watch truly a smartwatch, the Meizu InWatch MX4 edition might just focus on the notifications only, so far no word whether the watch will run Android Wear or Tizen, or maybe just the NOS, we just have to wait for the IFA 2014 just hours from now to see the real score.


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