Microsoft Outlook Added Support for Apple Watch

Microsoft is on a roll again with its plan to add support for wearables in their existing app. Now Apple Watch is in the focus with their Outlook support.

Outlook app for Apple Watch Outlook app for Apple Watch-2

The added support for Apple watch allows users to read and even respond to emails right on their Apple watch. Even with a small screen Microsoft made it sure that users can still read the full email, as well as respond to the email fast with pre written templates, voice reply. They also have the option to just delete the email, archive or just flag it for later use.

We love the “glance mode” to check your inbox entry or calendar events by just swiping up from the watch face. The support is a pretty good one considering that only few apps available for Apple watch that have the email feature.

Several days ago we also featured the Microsoft Translator for Apple watch, the question is what will be the next one for Microsoft?

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