Microsoft Surface Watch – Specs and Features Looks good

It’s been ringing the bells for the past several days, Microsoft is planning to introduce its first smartwatch in the market in the following months, with this there are a lot of speculations on its features and other specifications of the smartwatch and how will it look like. Will it be like the Moto360? A Samsung Gear 2? Or more like the LG G smartwatch?

microsoft-surface smartwatch

There are some information regarding its built in sensor, according to a blogger who leaked the information he got an exclusive hands on the Microsoft Surface smartwatch saying that the smartwatch is packed with sensors like a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS.

He also agreed on the leaked information that the smartwatch is will work with different platforms, according to the report the Microsoft surface smartwatch will work with iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X, and even Xbox.  Microsoft plans is to make the smartwatch platform friendly to have more success in the smartwatch war, they have plans to make their smartwatch work with different operating system.

So far there is no news on when will the smartwatch going to be available in the market or what will be the price, but according to the tech industry it will be soon, just weeks or months ahead of other major companies who are planning to introduce their own smartwatch also.

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