Moto360 Smartwatch Full Specifications

With stainless steel case with renowned Horween leather the Moto360 is the sexiest smartwatch of them all, finally after several months of anticipation the Moto360 is here, it looks good and running the Android Wear O.S, the new smartwatch do have an aircraft-grade stainless steel making it a high quality watch with a Horween leather put it to the top notch of smartwatches.


It runs the TI OMAP 3 processor compared Snapdragon 400 chipset that it is in other smartwatches but its ok, so far we cant say anything bad about the watch maybe the small cut out on the circular display is a no, no although it house the ambient light censor and the driver, I hope Motorola could find a way to put it on a place where it doesn’t ruin the face of the watch, maybe next version.

Anyways its good maybe the power that last only a day is another drawback but anyway depend upon your usage, if you want to know more about its hardware specs see more details below about the Moto360 Smartwatch Full Specifications.

 Moto360 Smartwatch Full Specifications.

Operating system: Android Wear™


1.56″ 320 x 290, 205ppi
Backlit LCD
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

Watch case dimensions: 46mm diameter by 11.5mm high

Weight Leather band model: 49g


All day (mixed use)
Wireless charging with charging dock included

Processor: TI OMAP™ 3

Memory: 4GB internal storage + 512MB RAM

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Sensors: Pedometer, Optical heart rate monitor (PPG)

Water resistance: IP67


Single physical button
Vibration motor
Dual microphones

Available models

1. Light stainless steel case + gray Horween® leather band
2. Dark stainless steel case + black Horween® leather band
3. Light stainless steel case + stone Horween® leather band


Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher
(check compatibility at


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