Moto360 Supports Wireless Charging –with Qi Technology

Another feature of Moto360 leaked online based on the FCC filing the Moto360 supports the Qi technology, this feature allows the Moto360 to be charge wirelessly using a Qi compatible charger, the filing papers prove the rumors that circulated last month about the Moto360 charging method.

moto360 wireless charger

The papers shows that Moto360Motorola’s smartwatch will support wireless charging, after Motorola filed a wireless charger device on FCC for Motorola360 smartwatch. So far the information leaked ahead of Google I/O developers conference that will be held tomorrow, seem like the Moto360 is getting better as its unveiling is getting closer, making it one step ahead of the competition, anyways, this is another great feature of the Moto360 smartwatch as it will be a very huge asset for those who are planning to buy a smarwatch.

“ You will be able to charge your Moto360 wirelessly by just putting your Moto360 on the charging dock without needing to clip or plug it in”

So far it’s rounded looks is already the reason why some hold on to buying a smartwatch as they wait for the Moto360 smartwatch that will be release this summer.

What do you think? Is Moto360 the smartwatch that we have been waiting for? What do you think?


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