MrGabriel for Apple Watch Seek Help when you are in Danger 

Here is a very useful app for you especially for female users,an app that will help you seek help in times of danger.

“MrGabriel” the app has a smart technology to help you seek help, activated manually or automatically. It has a ONE CLICK ALERT where it can send distress message to at least three contacts in your list with your location, to let your friends and authorities find you fast.

VProject Mr Gabriel AngelsMrGabriel Apple watch app-2

It has also additional two modes the “Run” and “Walk with Me” The Walk with Me mode if you feel like you are uncomfortable walking alone, the app will ask if you need help when it picks up abnormal stops. If you fail to respond or reply “Yes,” it will alert the contacts that you have previously selected.

And the RUN mode, when this is activated it will detect if there are abnormal stops, the app will asked you, if you fail to respond or reply “Yes” it will alert the three people defined in your contacts.

 “Mr. Gabriel uses the Apple Watch’s sensors on your wrist to pick up real-time data on your moves. A sudden stop, an abrupt move, you name it, and it will ask you if you need help.” -MrGabriel


The app is now available for download at App Store MrGabriel app



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